Suggestions for authors


  1. Before beginning an investigation, you should review the literature on the subject. This can be well known and repeated, or new.
  2. You should ALWAYS write your project before starting the research, defining the theoretical framework based on the literature review, and being very clear about the hypothesis you want to confirm or reject and the objectives. Check it with your co-authors.
  3. The title of the work should reflect the objectives.
  4. If your project includes patients, your inclusion and exclusion criteria should be very clear. These cannot change during the development of the investigation unless some deleterious effect is observed.
  5. Remember to submit your project for review to the Ethics Committee of the place where it will be carried out and obtain the informed consent of the participants.
  6. If you have already thought about the journal in which you will publish, carefully read its rules, in some, special requirements are requested.


  1. Think about the objective journal and know its publishing regulations and rules. Analyze if your topic is relevant to the journal’s focus.
  2. Have all the information required at the time you start to write: all the data, references, think about whether you will use tables, if you want to show images or figures.
  3. The Introduction and Material / Method sections should already be written in the project.
  4. When writing the Results, be orderly, always start by describing what is most general, for example the patient’s characteristics Table 1). Do not repeat what you will show in tables or figures. Do not comment, that corresponds to the discussion section.
  5. For the Discussion write a first draft, regardless of grammar, the important thing is to leave reflected the main points captured. Try to write quickly, use abbreviations, to maintain the flow of ideas, if you forget a word leave the space. Begin by describing the most important findings, analyze their results and compare them with those already published. Analyze the positive aspects but also the limitations of your study. Finish with a conclusion and / or projections of your study.
  6. Review your manuscript more than once, on different days. Ask the rest of the authors to review it. Worry about the clarity of your sentences, these should be ideally15-20 words, and paragraphs of approximately 150 words maximum.